Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Kevin Kiwi

Kevin Kiwi is E3's buddy that they take home to have adventures with and write about their times in a book that goes home with Kevin.  He is a soft kiwi toy who sits/lies on a pillow and use to live in the library with the other kiwi's.  The E3 students have a great time taking Kevin home and different students have even added to Kevin's outfit.  They have made him a hat, some shorts and given him a necklace to wear.  The students have all had a turn at spending time with Kevin and thoroughly enjoyed their adventure with him. 


  1. I bet Kevin the Kiwi enjoyed his adventure with E3. Do you think that he might like to visit E5.

    1. Kevin would love to visit E5. He is on holiday at the snow with Taylor but when he comes back to school next week we will plan a visit. I know he will be excited!